Welcome to science Of nature Progressive Kinesiology 2020 FREE for humanKIND

WHOLE_istic Media.com and Science Of Nature.education 2020 are non profit entities imagineered by UK founder India Wilson RMANM (Dip.Pro.K) ex Graphic Designer (1982-Present) and retired Emergency and Respite Foster carer specialising in behavioural / learning challenges and child abuse / trauma.

“How to use the science of muscle testing for health sovereignty and pay it forward. Knowledge is power. When we teach and learn with open minds and hearts we help not only ourselves, our friends and families but our communities EarthWide. I have come out of retirement in 2020 to tackle my own personal health imbalance and challenge medical tyranny on behalf of humanity. This website is how I will give away freely all I have studied and more importantly, knowledge gained through direct experience. As we heal and grow together we set ourselves and humankind free.”

India Wilson RMANM (Dip.Pro.K) KF Associate

This free learning platform is currently self funded. Thanks to like-minded friends and collaborators it will remain free for all and freely accessible EarthWide. Any donations received will be used to cover essential running costs to include: WordPress websites, Video maker subscription, currently @ c. £40 per month and any similar fixed costs to keep these free resources online updated and maintained. I do not charge a fee or accept donations for my own time as I consider the passing on of knowledge and information essential to wellBEing, ergo should be ‘FREE for all HumanKIND.’

All and any excess funds raised will go directly to an account (co-op bank UK) for direct donations to those most in need locally then paid forward to the wider human family as money energy or other financial support flows with ease and abundance.

Thank you for your kindness, please only give if you have more than you need.

COMING SOON | FREE Kindle | Paperback | The LOVE Gang series of books + Apps

Chapter Five “A few hours later, Lana was deep in the forest sitting on a log eating her lunch. She was thinking about the Larch trees and wondered why they were in such a negative mood earlier. Poppy was right. Larch was suffering from very low self esteem and reminded her of the sad version of her mother. Sometimes, she thought she was useless and didn’t believe in herself either.”

Excerpt from: LANA +THE FLOWER_TALKS by India Wilson RMANM (Dip.Pro.K) KF

Published by Garden In The Sky ‘The Love Gang Series of Children’s books were first written 10 years ago but due to an unexpected change in personal circumstances the project was shelved and packed away in a time capsule in a basement in the English Shires.

LANA + The Flower Talks

OSCAR + Rainbow People

VIOLET + Spinning LiGHT

ERIK + Speaking Stones

Delta Binaural Beats > Pain Relief

“Everything is ENERGY and ENERGY is All That Is”


* Freedom is a RIGHT not a privilege | Pro Choice in all things for all | Anti VaXx Militant * Pro BALANCE + EMPOWERMENT + RESPECT | “I pledge to be the Remedy & Balance.”

Copyright free for non-profit, non commercial use in the known galaxy. Back-links appreciated and feedback for research gratefully recieved. NAMASTE

Published by WHOLE_istic Media

Blessings friend. WHOLE_istic Media is a Non-profit mixed genre channel with humanitarian projects. As well as our own content we host 'Don't shoot The Avatar' | 'Livity Living Life Natural' | 'Konspiracy Kulture' and support and promote our new sister channel 'Science Of Nature Progressive Kinesiology'. Thank you for your enduring humanity and remember #loveWINS #AGAPEunited #Truth+Freedom #SaveOurChildren We were de-platformed (twice) from Facebook and had our numbers drastically 'disappeared' by youtube and regular strikes last year. Consequently, all 'touchy subject vids' have been disabled. Love, Peace and Unity to all the truthers out there. We Appreciate You. Feel welcome to Join us on WordPress https://wholeisticmedia.com/blog Mixcloud Shows Link https://www.mixcloud.com/WHOLEisticMedia/uploads/ MeWe https://mewe.com/p/whole_isticmedia Gab https://gab.com/IndiaWilson Minds https://www.minds.com/whole_istic/ Telegram https://t.me/whole_istic Twitter https://twitter.com/IsticMedia Odysee* https://odysee.com/@WHOLE_istic:b Bitchute* https://www.bitchute.com/channel/YRQfBaPn5J5E/ *We will be fully re-uploaded on Bitchute, Brandnewtube and Odysee with banned videos from our youtube channel plus mixed-genre archive and new content soon.

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